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What to Wear

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Planning a photo session can be exciting, but picking out outfits for the day can be stressful. The most important thing is to choose outfits you'll be comfortable in, fit your personality, and showcase your style.

That being said, there are still some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when planning your wardrobe before your photo shoot.


  • DO pick a color palette and coordinate from that - Usually 1 or 2 colors is best, and then you can add in grey, black, white, or brown (or blue jeans). One method is to find one central piece and then coordinate off of that –  if this is a family portrait, you might pick one family member to put in a pattern (smaller patterns are best, flowers or plaid work well), and then coordinate the rest of the family off of that in simpler solids. Make sure your accessories match the color scheme too – and don’t forget great shoes!

  • DO consider layering - A little harder during the summer, but adding a light sweater, fashionable scarf, or hat makes a photo a lot more interesting, and you can add or remove pieces to quickly get a different look throughout the session.

  • DO add texture pieces – lace, denim, wool…as long as it fits in your color palette, a piece of texture here or there helps the image have some pop. Jewelry helps too!

  • DO remember your shoesFind  comfortable but coordinating shoes, boots, or sandals. The best planned outfits fall apart with gym shoes or crocs.



There are also some things you should try to avoid to ensure you and your entire group look your best!


  • Avoid dressing everyone in a group photo identically. Those popular white-shirt-khaki-pants photos? They aren’t popular anymore, for a reason. This holds true for all identical outfits. The last thing you want is for your brand new pictures to look outdated, and matching is the quickest way to achieve that. Aim to showcase the individuals in the photo while still coordinating. It’s actually not too tough to do.

  • Avoid wearing uncomfortable clothes, or clothes that can’t get a little dirty. Your discomfort will show in the pictures, which we want to look as natural and relaxed as possible. Depending on the location, it may look best for you to sit or lean up against natural elements, so your most expensive formal wear is probably not the ideal outfit (however, if you’d like formal photos, that can be arranged).

  • Avoid wearing bright red or white shirts, as they often tend to wash out faces, or make it look like you are sunburned.

  • Avoid clothes with writing, logos, or graphics. They are distracting and don’t show up on camera well. Plus, wearing a popular cartoon character or sports team today will only look outdated tomorrow (remember how popular Tweety Bird was about 20 years ago? An Angry Birds tee shirt is going to look just as bad a few years from now). We want your photos to be timeless, so simple patterns or clean solids are the way to go.

  • IF POSSIBLE consider wearing contacts, or glasses that do not automatically tint in sunlight. Glasses that turn into sunglasses when outside cover up your beautiful eyes and can be a little distracting. 

Here are some great examples!

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